We drive collective impact action to tackle critical social and environmental problems at scale. That can mean a new methodology, new partnerships, new synergies or a new mindset. 

Foundations, impact asset managers, financial institutions, corporate impact actors, public funders…you’ll find the right collaborators and approaches to level up your impact!

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Corporate impact actors are keenly aware of the world’s poly-crisis situation – and have the power to address social and environmental challenges in ways few others in the impact space can. The flagship corporate impact event – Business of Impact – puts corporate social investors and corporate decision makers at the same table to accelerate the corporate impact journey together. 

> Coming in 2024: Business of Impact event; reports on corporate impact investing and blended finance; corporate impact measurement and management (IMM) meetups and publications; Impact Acceleration Group community of practice meetups.

Impact funds play an outsize role in accelerating the flow of impact capital, often sharing goals and strategies with impactful financial institutions. Targeted thought-leadership, meetups and a flagship event – Capital Ideas – keeps this community connected and collaborating. Joining impact asset managers, Funds of funds are putting the principles of intentionality, measurability and additionality into practice as their role in the impact ecosystem evolves. To Fund a Fund, an article presenting these insights, was among our most-read of 2023-24.  

> Coming in 2024: Capital Ideas event; Ugly Duck side event; IMM case studies for funds.     

Foundations are expanding their financial toolbox with new ways to leverage resources for impact. E-talks and members-only deep-dives focus on to ensure grants catalyse enterprise growth and development, and how to pledge endowments for impact.  

> Coming in 2024: online meetup and site visit on investing endowments for impact; community of practice meetups on catalytic grantmaking.