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Corporate Impact Acceleration Group

The Impact Acceleration Group is an Impact Europe programme that gathers progressive corporate social investors (CSIs, i.e., corporate foundations, impact funds, CSR and Corporate Citizenship teams) to explore their role in accelerating the related corporate impact journey. This has been identified as a key opportunity in the corporate social investing ecosystem to accelerate positive change for people and planet at scale on top of their core mission to serve their end beneficiaries.  

The group dives into this topic during regular intimate meetups to innovate and share learning in that area. These meetups last 1h30 and are kicked off by an expert/ practitioner presentation followed by a peer discussion to share challenges, successes, and reflections. If you would like to learn more and join this programme, express your interest by sending an email to Nicolas Malmendier at nmalmendier(at) 

Please note that these are members only practitioner gatherings and only corporate social investors are admissible to join.


Agenda 2024

Meetup #1

Implementing Cultural Shift through Employee Engagement Supported by Senior Management

Date: Wednesday 24 January 11:00 – 12:30

Format: Online Meetup (members only)

Speakers: Arnaud Mourot (Co-Director Ashoka Europe), Virginie le Barbu (Global Director Sustainability at Lenovo)

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Meetup #2

Corporate Impact Investing as a Bridge Between Impact and Business

Date: At Business of Impact 12-13 June in The Hague.

Format: In-person side-event (members only)

Meetup #3

Inclusive Business Strategy: From Experimentation to Scale

Date: Wednesday 25 September 11:00 – 12:30

Format: Online Meetup (members only)

Meetup #4

Social Procurement: The Business Relevance of Social Entrepreneurship

Date: During Impact Week 28-30 November in Bilbao.

Format: In-person side-event (members only)


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