Business of Impact 2024

| Convening | The Hague
Business of Impact 2024
Corporate impact actors, financial institutions and impact funds join forces for a two-day gathering where the only constant is transformative change. We’re calling all transformers to join us!

Like a school bus that shapeshifts into a robot to save the day, transformers are heroic. The transformers on our guest list are heroes, too – we flip ordinary euros into solutions for people and the planet. We turn SDG shortfalls into funded scalable innovations and sustainable impact enterprises.  

Our transformers come from corporations, impact funds and financial institutions. They transform mindsets, business models, regulatory contexts, the way we fund (and the way we fund funds). We do this because those capital providers have a key role to play in deploying capital collectively and driving transformative change.  

By holding the two events Business of Impact and Capital Ideas concurrently, we want to break siloes and form new connections across the continuum of capital. Collaboration across all stakeholders is how we can deliver on the most ambitious impact plans, accelerate journeys to purpose and navigate the perils of political instability in a fragmented global economy.  


Since 2019,  Business of Impact is the European gathering of corporate impact stakeholders in search of the most effective ways to advance their social impact by strategically leveraging corporate resources. It brings together 200+ corporate impact actors at the intersection of their journeys to purpose.  

Transformers: corporate leaders, related foundations, impact funds and accelerators; corporate impact venturing; inclusive business leaders, sustainability/ESG/CSR leaders.

Transformations: accelerating journeys to purpose; finding convergence of impact and business agendas; shifting mindsets, governance structures and regulatory landscapes; bringing corporate leaders and empowered corporate social investors to the same table; uniting likeminded corporate impact actors around themes of youth, health, food and more. 


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Transforming Silos to Dust  

Corporate impact actors, financial institutions and impact funds, three distinct audiences both driving transformative change, are invited to join hands – and transform new connections into lasting, super-powered partnerships. The overlapping schedule of Business of Impact and Capital Ideas includes ample touchpoints to share insights, make connections and build synergies.  
All capital providers play a vital role in driving transformative change. Collaboration across stakeholders and across the continuum of capital is how we can take action on our most ambitious impact plans and create more dynamic, resilient and equitable societies. Join us as we to accelerate transformation, ignite connections and foster collaboration across sectors.  

Transformation City

For transformative change to take off, we need the right launchpad. The Hague is it.  
ImpactCity, the buzzing home of the impact ecosystem, the locus of “doing good and doing business,” has generously partnered with Impact Europe to produce a programme that shows what it means to be an impact city.  
We’ll host sessions, workshops and networking moments in Unknown Group’s brand new Titaan, a space purpose-built for impact people to connect and test solutions.  
Driving innovation and impactful connections: those are Titaan’s and ImpactCity’s superpowers.

United Objectives  

> Break silos and form new connections across the continuum of capital, to drive a positive impact for people and the planet.  
> Drive collective impact action to tackle critical social and environmental problems at scale by encouraging new synergies and partnerships and mobilising more impact resources.
> Bring a vibrant community of impact funds and corporates together to share their know-how and ambitions to accelerate and scale change.
> Connect purpose-driven corporate and asset manager leaders aiming to accelerate their impact, transform business models and empower corporate social investors.
> Accelerate the learning path of purpose-driven financial institutions to scale their impact and mobilise untapped impact resources, inspired by the corporate impact journey. 



Impact Europe member rate: €700 
Regular ticket: €1,400

Registration starts on 2 April 


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