Business of Impact 2023

| Convening | Venice
The Human Safety Net

Join corporate leaders and corporate social investors, at the intersection of their journeys to purpose.


Accelerate your impact journey

Get perspectives on how to transform business models and further empower corporate social investors in the interest of creating more purpose-driven organisations.  

Create coherence between impact and business agendas

There are many approaches for corporates to arrive at a coherent plan between their impact and business agendas, but the stakes of a polycrisis world daemand an updated consideration of the overlaps and boundaries. Get effective strategies for coherence, with plenty of practitioner cases and insights to make it all tangible.  

 Come together for more impact

Leadership isn’t just captaining your own ship anymore – it’s working with others to collectively guide the fleet. Join us as we rethink competitive mindsets and discuss how to mobilise resources for collective impact action.  

 There’s a theme to this party

If your corporate impact is focused around a specific thematic area, Business of Impact has you covered. Join tracks on youth, migration, food, climate and health, with participation from the corporates driving the most impactful and innovative global solutions in these areas.  

 Formerly known as... 

While we hope to see many attendees of EVPA C Summits past, we’re saying C U later to the name. Business of Impact is our business. And that business is booming!




Business of Impact 2023