Crash Course: Investing for Impact

- 12.00-18.30 | Learning | Brussels
Crash Course: Investing for Impact
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What is this course about?

As part of the EVPA Impact Week, this Crash Course will introduce you to investing for impact (including both impact philanthropy and impact investing approaches) as one of the most effective strategies for solving key societal challenges that emerged in the past years and climaxed in the COVID-crisis.

The course will present recent data on the impact market and an overview of the capital providers active in the impact ecosystem as well as discuss the core practices of investing for impact such as impact measurement and management, tailored financing, and non-financial support. Experienced practitioners - covering both the perspectives of foundations and impact funds - will share their insights and lessons learnt on how these core practices can be implemented to maximise the positive impact generated. Through real-life cases, you will also discuss with experts and your peers how you can start using the investing for impact principles in your own context.

Course structure & methodology

This online course consists of two parts:

  1. Self-paced e-learning: through our e-learning platform you will have access to short readings, videos and interactive learning materials to build the necessary knowledge base on Corporate Social Investing (Duration: ~3 hours). This basis will enable you to engage with the experts and your peers during the live session in Brussels.
  2. In-person session in Brussels: This session will complement your e-learning. You will not only have the opportunity to discuss real-life cases with investors for impact (an impact fund and a foundation) and learn how they have refined their impact strategies to create more impact. You will also be able to learn with your peers and discover how you can start applying the investing for impact principles. Together with a short presentation on the most recent data & developments of the sector you will leave this course well equipped to create more impact.

The in-person session in Brussels will take place within the EVPA Impact Week on Wednesday 30 November 2022 from 12.00-18.30, at the Magritte Museum.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate issued by EVPA.

Total course hours: 6 hours.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to do better and to achieve radically different outcomes, rather than doing more of the same: newcomers to the impact philanthropy and impact investing space, investors or foundations looking for inspiration for innovative approaches and everyone who wants to be part of an impact-driven paradigm shift towards allocating resources to maximise their positive effect.


  • EVPA members: €150
  • Non-members: €300


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Crash Course on Investing for Impact


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Cancellation policy and further information

Please make sure you have read our cancellation policy. Should you need further information about any aspect of this course, please reach out to us at trainingacademy(at)