EU Webinar #10: "The Sustainable Development Goals & VP/SI"

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EU Webinar #10: "The Sustainable Development Goals & VP/SI"
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Taking place on the 14th of June (15:00 - 16:30 CEST), EVPA’s next webinar will look at the concrete role that VP/SI can play in advancing the SDGs, while also exploring how policy can incentivise investment in the SDGs and enhance accountability.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explicitly call for a multi-stakeholder approach - particularly involving the private sector. The estimated $3,5 tn per year required to attain the SDGs will need to come from diverse sources and in different forms. Venture Philanthropy has enormous potential to be harnessed towards attaining the SDGs.

The sense of urgency and energy towards achieving the SDGs is high; however, different institutions may find themselves unsure of how they could contribute to ongoing SDG-oriented initiatives.

In this 10th session of the EU Webinar Series, EVPA will demonstrate VP/SI as a potent instrument for advancing the SDGs, due to its highly effective, accountable and sustainable nature. Practitioners from the sector representing different institutions will discuss their distinct approaches to pursuing the SDGs, thus shedding light on the various ways that VP/SI can be harnessed.

The speakers will also share their experiences and insights as to what further measures are needed, in particular at the policy level, to facilitate, incentivise and hold to account private capital flows into SDGs.


· Karen Wilson - GV Partners & OECD

· Rina Kupferschmid Rojas - UBS Wealth Management

· Fabio Segura - Jacobs Foundation

· Miora Ranaivoarinosy - Danone

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