Impact Deal Demo Day

- 9.00 - 13.00 CET | Sector Event | Torino 

Join the first Impact Deal Demo Day on 24 November and meet the seven Impact Enterprises that started the Impact Deal Acceleration Programme in May.

This is the moment when Impact Deal enterprises will be in the spotlight to showcase their ventures and progress.

  • Alba Robot aims to change the way passengers with Reduced mobility move and enhance their independence by creating a platform with the best tech from Automotive, Robotics, Voice Assistants and IoT. 
  • Aroundrs has the mission to encourage and inspire a circular lifestyle to reduce the use of disposable packaging in the food industry. The project aims to build a reuse ecosystem that eliminates waste in an innovative and accessible way to all.v
  • Open Impact aims to create an open ecosystem of knowledge and skills on impact, with the objective to empower decision-makers to make aware choices, encouraging the recognition and remuneration of the social and environmental value.
  • Pin Bike aims to speed up the transition to cleaner and environmentally sustainable mobility, through a patented system of monitoring and gamification of urban bicycle rides. They engage public administrations, companies, and citizens towards more aware mobility. 
  • The Newsroom aims to fight misinformation and promote plurality online. To achieve this, they are building two solutions: a free browser extension and a mobile application. Users will receive an overall evaluation for the article to build a rounder opinion on the matter.
  • Virtuosis aims to enhance team collaboration and well-being at work. Their proprietary tool developed at EPFL analyses the voice during video calls to predict communication skills and mood. In particular, we early detect burnout and potential team conflicts.
  • Wiseair is a platform to collect air quality data, generate awareness among citizens and municipalities and create actionable solutions and policy-making tools.

09:00 am - Welcome and registration

09:30 am - Opening by Impact Deal founders 

10:30 am - Impact Deal Pitches: Class of 2022

12.00 am - Meet the impact enterprise teams!

01:00 pm - Lunch and networking