Impact Reporting Norms

- 15.00 CET | Convening | Online
Impact Performance Reporting Norms

Download the slides of this meeting here!

Building from the impact management norms developed by the Impact Management Project, Impact Frontiers developed a set of “Impact Performance Reporting Norms” to promote rigour, consistency, and comparability across impact reports. 

Given the relevance of the current debate on reporting norms and regulations, Impact Europe is organising “Impact Reporting Norms” on 6 February 2024 at 15:00 CET in collaboration with Impact Frontiers. Impact Europe members will have the chance to share their perspectives and contribute to co-shaping these norms, which will be the basis for future standards in the impact ecosystem.

This event comes as the first of a series of members-only gatherings Impact Europe will be hosting in 2024 on impact measurement and management. 

If you are not yet a member of Impact Europe but are interested in becoming one, contact Impact Europe’s membership department at membership(at) and become able to attend this members-only gathering and future ones to come.

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