Investing your Foundation Endowment for Impact - How and Why?

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Investing your Foundation Endowment for Impact - How and Why?

Foundation endowments represent a large pool of capital committed to social purpose. Yet the vast majority remain under-utilised as an impact tool beyond providing an investment return.

Why is this?

What are the challenges of actively investing the endowment with social purposes and how can foundations successfully embark on this journey?

Why is this taking so long and what can we, as a European community, learn from each other’s national experiences?

With the goal to provide answers to some of these questions, the UK-based Impact Investing Institute has recently launched its practical guide including case studies to support foundations to move "endowment capital into impact investing".

As a home for impact investors including many foundations all over Europe, and with the aim to empower foundations to maximise their impact in an innovative way, EVPA organises this e-talk in collaboration with the Impact Investing Institute to deep dive into the topic of endowment for impact investing.

During this event, following the Impact Investing Institute’s presentation of the main results of their work, three foundations shared their own successes, failures and reflections on the different barriers they faced in this area.

Line Up
  • Sarah Teacher, Executive Director, the Impact Investing Institute
  • Colin Baines, Investment Engagement Manage,  Friends Provident Foundation
  • Irina Ivan, Innovation, Learning and Impact Investing Manager, Bernard van Leer Foundation
  • Isabel Goiri, Chairwoman in the Advisory Council & Investment Committee, Anesvad Foundation
  • Alessia Gianoncelli, Head of Knowledge, Community & Market Development, EVPA
  • Peter Cafferkey, Representative for the UK & Ireland, EVPA
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