Investing your Foundation Endowment for Impact – What’s next?

- 10.00-11.00 (CEST) | Convening | Online
Investing your Foundation Endowment for Impact – What’s next?

Foundations have the opportunity to enhance their impact footprint, beyond their programmatic budget’s reach, by investing endowments for impact. Yet despite growing interest in this idea, and some pioneers leading the way, change has been slow.

How can European foundations move faster, together, towards a more impactful use of endowments?
Building on previous sessions exploring the “why” and the “how.” EVPA hosts a third e-talk on moving foundation endowments to impact, this time asking, what’s next?

In collaboration with Philea and Phenix, we aim to dive into the practical next steps, exploring perceived barriers, knowledge gaps and opportunities along the way.  With learnings from all three organisations and a keen eye toward the future, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their potential, the current European landscape and the available opportunities.
Expect an in-depth discussion of what’s next and distinct calls to action for the European foundation sector.

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The conversation will continue at our upcoming Impact Week 2023, and through 2024. Join us in building a proactive community of those looking to move endowments to impact! 

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