Spring Up the Deal Series - Impact Ventures and Tilia Impact Ventures

| Convening | Vienna
Spring Up the Deal Series - Impact Ventures and Tilia Impact Ventures

Welcome to the second session of our Spring Up the Deal series! As part of our Impact Funds Initiative, from March to June we are holding a series of online dealsharing sessions where EVPA members will present interesting deals for potential co-investment. Join us to learn more about these inspiring social ventures!

In this edition focusing on healthcare, our members Impact Ventures (Hungary) & Tilia impact Ventures (Czech Republic) will tell us about:

  • DOT glasses: the first sustainable solution to the world’s vision problem! DOT Glasses addresses the needs of the world’s 1 billion+ people that are visually impaired that have no access to prescription eyeglasses. They created radical, ultra-low-cost, one-size-fits-all eyeglasses that provide customised eyeglasses to even the most remote corners of the world. Their solution dramatically lowers the cost of prescription eyeglasses, making good vision affordable for absolutely everyone. (Tilia Impact Ventures)
  • BrainTrip: Medical dementia workups are expensive and invasive, therefore having a screening tool to determine whether such procedures are worthwhile is of great benefit to patients and physicians. BrainTrip's has developed an electroencephalogram for the reliable detection of mental impairment. The test can be applied in a matter of minutes and is completely non-invasive: no needles, chemicals, or radiation exposure. After the test, the client is told that their results show no cognitive impairment, or, if this is not the case, they are advised to seek further diagnostic tests with their physician. (Impact Ventures)


This event is part of our Impact Funds Initiative and is co-funded by the European Union, by the EaSI strand of the ESF+ programme.

co-funded by the EU


Kristine Kandelaki

Kristine Kandelaki

Kristine Kandelaki has 8 year experience in the civic sector. She holds a position of Civil Society Development Program Manager at the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG). She is actively engaged in development of the third sector as well as social entrepreneurship in Georgia.

Kristine has extensive experience in project management, resource mobilisation and consultancy work.

Since 2021, she has been acting as a country manager of the Collaborate for Impact project in Georgia funded by European Commission and implemented in partnership with EVPA.

In 2022, Kristine with her team initiated the first impact fund in Georgia which will be presented to the larger audience in June.

Kristine holds Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and Master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology.