Switch Pitch with Feelsgood Capital and Portus Buda Group FMC

- 12:00-13:00 (CEST) | Convening | Online
Switch Pitch with Feelsgood Capital and Portus Buda Group FMC

Renata Brkic, FeelsGood Capital, and Elemér Eszter, Portus Buda Group FMC, will explain how they work with incubators and accelerators - and how this collaboration can be improved to better support impact driven businesses.

The series will facilitate an informal conversation between a diverse range of investors for impact and business support organisations with regards to pipeline building. We will also discuss experiences and ideas on how to foster collaborations.

The series is part of our Better Incubation Project.

This event will take place on 5 July from 12.00-13.15 CEST.

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About Feelsgood Social Impact Investment Fund

The fund is designed to invest in Croatian and Slovenian ventures that have typical private equity/venture capital for-profit-aims like commercial business models, led by strong management teams and ready to scale, but in addition can and will deliver measurable social impact. Feelsgood is spotting and supporting businesses that can find a way to address, if they already have not, one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and make measurable impact a conscious sustainable strategy of their business models.

About Portus Buda Group FMC

Portus Buda Group FMC is a venture capital fund management company in operation since 2011. Our primary goal is to profitably manage capital entrusted to us while furthering the excellent reputation of Hungary. Our majority owner - Portus Buda Group - created the firm to channel and share its accumulated expertise and sector knowledge. We target companies that – with their products and services - address underserved needs in a well-defined yet broad range of customer groups.

What is Better Incubation?

Better Incubation is a 2-year programme (2021 - 2023) funded by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation and co-led by EBN, EVPA and Impact Hub.

The aim of Better Incubation is to foster inclusive and social entrepreneurship in Europe by mobilising and empowering Business Support Organisations (BSOs) with capacities to effectively help the social enterprises and potential entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups to grow their businesses. Read more here.


Renata Brkic

Renata Brkic

Renata Brkić is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor, strongly devoted to fostering social impact orientation in businesses she has been running with her teams, or consulting others. Renata is Founding and Managing partner of Feelsgood Social Impact Investment Fund for Croatia, Qualified Angel Investor and Global Mentor.

In her capacity of the Head of the Social Impact Investment Hub Professor Balthazar, Renata is responsible for the revival of the Professor Balthazar character as a unique, artistic, socially responsible brand, for which she has received a TBAA award as the best social impact investment in South East Europe. Renata is also Qualified Angel Investor and Global Mentor. Personally, she invests in wonderful ideas that can change the world for the better and push the human race forward. 

Elemér Eszter

Elemér Eszter

Elemér Eszter is Chairman of the Board of Directors at PBG FMC Ltd., a venture capital firm founded in 2011. The primary goal of the company is to maximize the value of managed funds entrusted to it by external investors, and to facilitate the market success of small and medium enterprises, who generate a substantive export income for Hungary.

PBG FMC Ltd. manages a venture capital fund containing a mix of EU and private money since the 24th of February, 2014.

Elemér Eszter – after graduating from Pázmány Péter Catholic University – studied economy and political science at Christendom College in Virginia, United States.

He started his career in 2002 at Citi Bank Ltd. Afterwards, between 2004-2008, he was the cofounder of Cryo-Innovation Inc., which was acquired in 2012 by the Swedish public listed company Vitrolife.

Portus Buda Group (PBG) Ltd. was founded in 2007. Eszter Elemér, as a cofounder, is an executive officer at the company, which managed 15 acquisitions, 8 real estate development deals, and 10 asset management projects over the past decade. The aim of PBG Ltd. is to assist the major Hungarian Churches and their institutions to operate on a more sustainable basis.

In 2009 Elemér Eszter contributed to the founding of SSP Inc. in the US on behalf of investors and is a member of the board ever since.

In 2015 Eszter Elemer was a cofounder of the Hungarian Social Impact Investors Association; from 2017 he is the President of the Association.

Eszter Elemér is a cofounder and CEO of Impact Ventures Ltd. (2017), which will manage the first CEE Social Impact Fund.

Ewa Konczal

Ewa Konczal

Ewa Konczal joined Impact Europe in May 2014 and is the Market Building Lead. Ewa is spreading the knowledge about impact finance in Eastern Europe and MENA.

She manages the first Polish VP Fund Valores, initiative of PE community in Poland. Ewa has over 15 years of experience in social entrepreneurship as Representative of Ashoka in Poland and as Ashoka Director for Central and Eastern Europe.

Prior to Ashoka, Ewa worked in India with Global March Against Child Labor, and in Egypt with AIESEC and Egyptian-Polish Businessman Association. She has set up the Magic Mountain Foundation, using mountain sports and natural horsemanship as tools for change for people with disadvantages. Ewa is the recipient of the AIESEC Alumni Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award. She holds a Master's degree in Marketing and Management.


 Better Incubatio, Impact HUB and EBN

LIAISE / Better Incubation programme