Switch Pitch with Seed Capital Bizkaia & Ship2B

- 12:00-13:00 (CEST) | Convening | Online
Switch Pitch with Seed Capital Bizkaia & Ship2B

In this episode of our Switch Pitch Series, Oscar Ugarte Gamboa, Seed Capital Bizkaia, and Xavier Pont Martin, Ship2B, will explain how they work with incubators and accelerators - and how this collaboration can be improved to better support impact driven businesses.

The series will facilitate an informal conversation between a diverse range of investors for impact and business support organisations with regards to pipeline building. We will also discuss experiences and ideas on how to foster collaborations.

The series is part of our Better Incubation Project.

This event will take place on 1 September from 12.00-13.15 CEST.

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About Seed Capital Bizkaia

Seed Capital Bizkaia was founded in 1989 and for more than 30 years of working history it has been firmly committed to encouraging innovation, social impact and the promotion and regeneration of the business fabric in Bizkaia (Basque Country). The Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Fund (FEIS) was established in 2014 with the aim of supporting the promotion and consolidation of business initiatives with social impact. Social innovation initiatives are supported with investments of up to 600,000 euro.

About Ship2B Foundation

Ship2B Foundation’s mission is to boost Impact Economy, an economic model in which the main purpose for startups, businesses, investors and organisations is not only to maximise profitability, but also to improve their social and environmental impact. At Ship2B we have the support of the European Commission to boost Impact Investment in Spain, a financing model based on investing in startup capital with the intention of generating and measuring economic, social and environmental impact. To do this, our team of analysts constantly studies impact startups from all over Spain to invest in through the different tools of the Foundation.

What is Better Incubation?

Better Incubation is a 2-year programme (2021 – 2023) funded by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation and co-led by EBN, EVPA and Impact Hub.

The aim of Better Incubation is to foster inclusive and social entrepreneurship in Europe by mobilising and empowering Business Support Organisations (BSOs) with capacities to effectively help the social enterprises and potential entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups to grow their businesses. Read more here.


Xavier Pont Martin

Xavier Pont Martin

Xavier is the Co-Founder of Ship2B Foundation which is a start-up which wants to promote social entrepreneurship and impact investment in Spain.

He is a counselor at Veritas, an organic food supermarket chain and he is a board member at Futur Foundation which is dedicated to sustainable restoration and to serving school canteens with people from collectives at risk of exclusion.

Oscar Ugarte Gamboa

Oscar Ugarte Gamboa

Oscar Ugarte Gamboa is director of the management company Seed Capital Bizkaia since 2008, a public-private Risk Capital entity with a long track record in Seed Capital operations.

This company manages three investment funds and a venture capital entity. One of the Funds managed by the company is a Social Impact Fund. It was created in 2015 and it is the unique Social Public Fund operating in the Spanish market.

CEO of Seed Mikro venture capital company specialized in microfinance operations. Likewise, he has recently created an Equity Crowdfunding Platform with the objective of reinforcing the alternative financing market for the companies of the territory.

Previously, he has experience in different areas of management in the computer sector and the electricity sector. óscar was elected to the EMN Board in October 2018.

Arnau Picón Martínez

Arnau Picón Martínez

Arnau Picón is Knowledge and Learning Associate at Impact Europe. Since joining Impact Europe in February 2019, Arnau has conducted research on topics related to the impact ecosystem, such as impact measurement and management and the role of crowdfunding platforms within the impact sector.

Previously, Arnau worked in the Social Policy Area of a Local Government and in the communication sector as a journalist. He holds a Msc in Economic Development from the University of Glasgow and a Bachelor Degree in Journalism from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French.


 Better Incubatio, Impact HUB and EBN

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