Transformative Finance Lab Design Workshop

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Transformative Finance Lab Design Workshop

Who should join us?

We invite all those investors, impact finance professionals, innovation experts and futurists and others who are interested in exploring and learning about innovative and co-creative ways of engaging and collaborating with other impact (finance) professionals or who have expertise in using innovative and co-creative ways to develop (financing) solutions to the biggest societal challenges we are facing.

Why should you join us?

  • Benefit from being part of the process and experience how co-creation, design and futures thinking can be used to push forward thinking in impact finance
  • Benefit from ensuring the Lab is addressing the challenges you face and are relevant to your work
  • Benefit from meeting others in the impact finance universe working in innovation, lab methods, system practices and futures thinking
  • Benefit from facilitated thinking time, away from your day to day work for new inspiration and insights

You will play a vital role in shaping the future of our transformative finance lab’s first prototype that we hope to launch later this year. You will also learn, hear, connect and co-create with some of innovation leaders in the impact finance field

Shape the future of impact finance. Make sure the Lab is relevant for you. Connect to impact innovation leaders.

What will happen during the design workshop ?

The workshop will combine short impulse on Lab methods with interactive elements to engage with peers and the group. The design workshop will be facilitated by:

  • Anja Koenig - Transformative Finance Lead at EVPA
  • Dr. Aline Menden - Co-founder and managing director - Endeva
  • Florian Tuder - EVPA Training Academy Designer & Lead Facilitator

Where and when?

The event will take place online on 3 May from 14.30-17.30 CET.

Do you want to join?

Space for participation is limited. If this resonates with you, please register your interest here. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your participation.

First time hearing about the Transformative Lab?

EVPA in partnership with the Jacobs Foundation embarked on a journey to design a space for funders, investors, and other stakeholders to co-sense existing realities, explore future opportunities and co-create practical financing solutions to systemic challenges by applying experimentation, system thinking and innovation methods.

Why such a Transformative Finance Lab?

We believe that new methods and approaches are needed to enhance the contribution of capital to the kind of transformation required today. While societal problems are complex and interconnected, financing solutions addressing them are usually developed and applied in an isolated and disconnected manner. That is the problem the Lab aims to address.

Do you want to know more?

Check out more information on EVPAs Transformative Finance here or get in touch with Peter Cafferkey (pcafferkey(at)