Understanding Catalytic Capital in Asia, Africa, Europe & Latin America

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Understanding Catalytic Capital in Asia, Africa, Europe & Latin America

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Deployment of catalytic capital, or investments that address capital gaps left by government and mainstream capital, has the potential to generate social and environmental outcomes that otherwise could not be achieved. The OECD recorded an estimated USD 4.2 trillion funding gap before the world can achieve the SDGs in 2030, with public funding for development remaining stagnant in the last decade and geographical disparities in global investment. Many impact investments are skewed towards investment-ready and developed markets instead of underserved geographies and populations. Catalytic capital deployment has the capacity to address these gaps and support investment opportunities which do not fit the risk-return profile or other conventional investment expectations that their markets require.

While regional contexts may differ, funders dealing with catalytic capital commonly encounter similar challenges. Embracing these shared challenges provides a unique opportunity for cross-regional knowledge exchange. Join us for this interactive webinar, designed to empower investors with invaluable insights and best practices for catalytic capital deployment across the diverse regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Whether you are just starting or looking to scale your catalytic capital deployment, this session will be of relevance.

Over the past 18 months, social investor networks in Asia (AVPN), Europe (Impact Europe, formerly EVPA), Africa (AVPA), and Latin America (LatImpacto) have actively engaged with funders in their respective regions to facilitate the sharing and learning of catalytic capital practices. The goal? To enable its effective deployment on a global scale. This webinar marks the culmination of this dynamic global journey and serves as the final installment in the series of Global Webinars on Catalytic Capital.

Line Up
  • Audrey Selian, Director, Artha Impact
  • Christine J. W Mwangi, CFA, Regional Coordinator, Africa Sustainable Investments and Infrastructure, WWF
  • Harry Davies, Principal, Ceniarth
  • Karsten Zengerling, Senior Advisor & Chief Operating Officer Transactions, FASE
  • Marcel Fukayama, Co-Founder, Din4mo
  • Clara Maspons, Knowledge Associate, Impact Europe