Why join Impact Europe?

- 11.00-12.00 (CEST) | Convening | Online
Discover the Benefits of Membership with Impact Europe

Are you intrigued by the idea of joining the investing for impact network in Europe but find yourself unsure about who exactly it entails? Are you curious about our work with our members in mobilising capital to address pressing social and environmental challenges? Perhaps you're already considering the possibility of becoming a member and joining our dedicated team in making a tangible difference in the world?

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these questions, then we highly recommend you join this comprehensive online session. Whether you are looking to expand your network, learn new ways of investing, being part of a community or even looking for co-investments and partnership opportunities may be of great value to you.

When? 24 June from 11.00-12.00 (online)

Who? This event is designed for funds, foundations, corporate social actors, corporates, and financial institutions.


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Can't make it to the June session? Don't worry—you can join the next one.