Youth Empowerment Initiative E-talk

- 10.00-11.30 CET | Convening | Online
Youth Empowerment Initiative
© Merlin Meuris for EVPA

There are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years across the globe - 16 % of the global population. Youth development, in particular through education and employment, is one of the pressing challenges – and opportunities – of our times. Empowering young people is crucial to achieve just, green and inclusive societies. 
EVPA, in partnership with Schneider Electric Foundation, launched a new Youth Initiative at EVPA Impact Week, to gather a community of practice that can work together to identify innovative and long-term solutions, catalyse collaboration and effective mobilisation of resources. The initiative is an opportunity to connect and engage the impact community for youth empowerment, with the end goal of launching collective and systemic actions.
During this online session participants will:

  • catch up on and continue discussions on the Youth Initiative following Impact Week 2022;
  • hear EVPA Policy & EU Partnerships team giving a short overview of EU policy initiatives on Youth;
  • align on a roadmap and objectives for 2023.

With this Youth Initiative, we will focus on two action areas to identify innovative solutions, gaps, and opportunities to catalyse collaboration and resources with the right stakeholders:

  • Empowering disadvantaged youth: address inequalities in education, build skills and job readiness, mentoring and support to families
  • Social entrepreneurship as an accelerator of a just and green transition: support to skills development and network building for young social entrepreneurs



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