EaSI Capacity building Investments Window


Main purpose: Build up the institutional capacity of financial intermediaries operating in the microfinance and social entrepreneurship space that have not yet reached sustainability or need risk capital to sustain their growth and development. Examples of eligible projects are:

  • Supporting organisational development and expansion, including branch expansion, scaling up or developing IT infrastructure (e.g. mobile banking), or investments in human resources such as recruitment and training of staff;
  • Strengthening operational and institutional capabilities, including, but not limited to, investments in working capital and in improving the strategic/governance capabilities of the financial intermediary in order to maintain a balanced business, financial sustainability and social performance focus;
  • Seed financing support of newly created intermediaries with a strong social focus.

Programme: Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI)

Institution: EIF

Budget: €40m

Financing type: Equity and subordinated loans

Who is eligible: Financial intermediaries and bodies acting as such e.g. funds/vehicles investing in intermediaries.

Financing Type:
Equity product
Funding Theme:
Capacity Building
Target Geographies:
EU Member States