EaSI Guarantee Instrument


Guarantee facility to support financial intermediaries in financing underserved micro- and social enterprises during the coronavirus pandemic.

Main purpose: Incentive financial intermediaries to continue to provide financing to micro-borrowers, micro-enterprises and social enterprises hit by the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Programme: Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI)

Institution: EIF

Amount: Microfinance providers can receive up to €25,000 and social entrepreneurship up to €500,000

Financing type: Capped guarantees and counter-guarantees

Who is eligible: Targeted towards intermediaries who have already entered into a guarantee contract with the EIF, and to intermediaries that have already been selected. New applicants should note that the total amount of applications already received exceeds the EU budget available under the EaSI Guarantee instrument. Any new applications may be considered should additional resources become available.

More information: https://www.eif.org/what_we_do/microfinance/easi/easi-guarantee-instrument/index.htm

  • Soria Futuro: investment of EUR 1.6m in social enterprises in the Spanish province of Soria
  • TISE: social finance deal in Poland with EUR 8 million
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Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Social inclusion
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