Elevating the scalability potential of European business


The actions of this call will help innovation ecosystems to support companies to better sustain their growth and gain new competitive advantage. Besides stronger innovation performance, increased competitive sustainability and more rapid transitions to a green and digital society, ecosystem integration can provide companies with access to new markets and customers and contribute to disruptive strategies. By being actively engaged in their local, national, and European networks, companies can increase their overall growth potential.

Financing type: HORIZON Lump Sum Grant

Programme: Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)

Main objective:

Increased access to capital and investments in less connected innovation ecosystems, enhancing their openness, competitiveness, and global potential.

Increased venture investments and enabled late-stage growth of local start-ups in less connected and developing innovation ecosystems.

Facilitated investors’ access to the flow of local deals.

Improved investors’ knowledge on regulatory frameworks and networks to support joint cross-border ventures in new markets.

Who is eligible:

Target group(s): Business-acceleration providers such as incubators, accelerators, company-builders, innovation agencies, business clubs and networks, public and private VCs and their networks, national and regional promotional banks.

Eligible countries: described in Annex B of the Work Programme General Annexes

Several non-EU/non-Associated Countries that are not automatically eligible for funding have made specific provisions for making funding available for their participants in Horizon Europe projects. See the information in the Horizon Europe Programme Guide.

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