ESF+ Social Innovation

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ESF+ Social Innovation to Support National Competence Centres for Social Innovation


Deadline:  30/11/2023

Financing type: Grant

Programme:  ESF+ Social Innovation+ Initiative


Main objective:  

The new open Call under the ESF+ Social Innovation+ Initiative aims at building up and consolidating the capacity of National competence centres for social innovation (NCCs). It builds on the lessons learnt and the developments triggered in most Member States by the previous Call, published in 2020 - Competence Centres for Social Innovation (VP/2020/010).  

With an estimated budget of 8 MEUR, the funding will be provided for 6-8 transnational mutual learning projects focusing on: 

  • professionalisation and further development of NCCs; 
  • creation of NCCs in the Member States where they have not been created yet.

It is expected that NCCs will develop more sustainable structures and relationships and be engaged in systematic cooperation, capacity building and mutual learning.


Who is eligible:  

Only consortia are eligible. 

To be considered eligible, a consortium must include an applicant and at least two co-applicants. 
The members of the consortium shall represent at least 3 different Member States.  
An endorsement is required to participate in this Call.

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