European Bauhaus hub for results and impact


Financing type: Action Grant

Programme: Horizon

Proposals should contribute to the following outcomes:

  • The NEB Facility is informed by robust data from ongoing and completed projects.
  • Policymakers and professionals can access and apply new knowledge and tools for neighbourhood regeneration in line with NEB values.
  • The NEB Community contributes to the direction of the NEB Facility.


  • A ‘New European Bauhaus hub’ is needed to manage and utilize knowledge from NEB projects and actions, contributing to the NEB Facility’s implementation and impact.
  • The hub will cover all relevant disciplines, reflecting the initiative’s holistic nature.

Proposals should address:

  • Knowledge Collection: Develop a methodology to collect and standardize knowledge from NEB projects and actions.
  • Knowledge Management: Consult stakeholders to tailor the hub to their needs and centralize, process, and publicize relevant knowledge.
  • Monitoring and Analysis:  Analyze project results to create actionable knowledge. Develop a monitoring system to measure the impact of future projects and identify research gaps.

Who is eligible: 

  • the Member States of the European Union, including their outermost regions
  • the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) linked to the Member States
  • countries associated to Horizon Europe
  • the following low- and middle-income countries
Financing Type:
Funding Theme:
Capacity Building
Target Geographies:
EU Member States