Finance markets for social enterprises

EU Programme

Financing type: Action Grant

Programme: ESF+


Main objective

The call for proposal aims to enhance the social enterprise finance market by establishing financial instruments and providing non-financial support. The goal is to boost funding availability for social enterprises and potentially contribute to the InvestEU financial products pipeline. Another objective is to facilitate the development of viable schemes or funds for financing social enterprises, along with support structures for business development services and networking, thereby improving investment readiness. The call also seeks to identify, develop, promote, and share best practices in supporting social enterprises in accessing finance, recognizing their pivotal role in implementing European Pillar of Social Rights principles.

  • Develop social enterprise finance market by bringing together supply & demand side actors
  • Facilitate the creation of financial instruments
  • Prepare social enterprises for investments
  • Set-up a concrete financial instrument and investment readiness programme
  • Enable the replication of tested solutions in a new territory
  • Establish of innovative instruments and approaches 
  • To identify, develop, promote and disseminate good practices in supporting social enterprises 


Who is eligible 

  • EU Member States (and their overseas countries and territories) ;
  • EEA countries, in accordance with the EEA Agreement;
  • EU acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidate countries, in line with the agreements concluded with them.
  • Third countries having signed an agreement to participate in the strand or a third country listed in the EaSI work programme if necessary for the achievement of the objectives of an action.
  • Consortium: 
    3 applicants including:
    a) Potential investors - that signed letter of intention to invest /co-invest in the envisaged financial product
    b) Support organization – that has signed a letter of intention to provide a business development/investment readiness services to ( potential) investees+
Financing Type:
Funding Theme:
Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Target Geographies:
EU Member States