Making rural areas inclusive


Enhancing social inclusion in rural areas: focus on people in a vulnerable situation and social economy



Deadline: 12 April 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time

Financing type: Action Grant 

Programme: Horizon Europe

Budget: €10 million


Main objective

The research projects funded under this topic will contribute to build more inclusive, social resilient and prosperous European rural areas by improving the understanding of social inclusion and social economy challenges in rural areas, by taking stock of existing policies responses, and solutions for the provision of adequate services to the population in a vulnerable situation and for enhancing social economy and entrepreneurship. Projects will also address these challenges by piloting innovative solutions that foster the social economy and improve social inclusion of people in a situation of vulnerability.

Proposals should be innovation-oriented and must implement the multi-actor approach, bringing together multiple science fields, in particular the social sciences, and actors with complementary roles and experiences. 


Who is eligible

described in Annex B of the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 General Annexes

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Funding Theme:
Social inclusion
Target Geographies: