Social innovations for a fair green and digital transition (ESF-2022-SOC-INNOV)

EU Programme

The call aims to develop, and test integrated and inclusive social innovation approaches –in schools, training centres, or other relevant environments– to foster just green and digital transitions.

Financing type: ESF Action Grant Budget-Based

Programme: European Social Fund Plus (ESF)

Institution: EC

Main objective

Improving and adapting the EU’s ‘social rulebook’ is at the heart of Europe’s response to these changes, in accordance with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda. This includes fostering an economy that works for people; investing in education and training, enhancing skills and equipping people for new green and digital jobs; promoting social progress and strengthening social protection; and promoting just transitions and ensuring solidarity between generations, leaving no one behind and providing access to essential services for all.

The call aims to develop, and test integrated and inclusive social innovation approaches – in schools or training centres, at work or in local communities, or other relevant environments - to foster just green and digital transitions, by:

  • identifying and addressing (re-/up-) skilling and (re-)training needs stemming from new, green or digital products, services or technologies.
  • fostering social acceptance and/or behavioural changes for more sustainable business models, consumption patterns and/or modes of transport.
  • developing sustainability pathways and transformation tools for social economy actors.
  • tailor solutions to the particular contexts starting from general models, such as the City Doughnut or macro level climate adaptation solutions, to other, business, or local environments.
  • promoting the implementation of the EPSR principle 20. Essential services, including energy, mobility, and digital communications, in the context of the green and digital transitions.

Who is eligible

  • EU Member States (and their overseas countries and territories);
  • EEA countries, in accordance with the EEA Agreement.
  • EU acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidate countries, in line with the agreements concluded with them.
  • Third countries having signed an agreement to participate in the strand or a third country listed in the EaSI work programme if necessary for the achievement of the objectives of an action.
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