Annual Report

22 Thrilling Tales of Impact!

22 Thrilling Tales of Impact cover

Foster and accelerate tangible and measurable positive changes for people and planet: this is our mandate as Europe’s investing for impact network. And indeed we have accelerated impact in the past year – but how?

The 22 tales of impact compiled in 2022’s Annual Report are all examples of how EVPA made good on the mandate of our Theory of Change. Our mission of accelerating impact would certainly not have happened without the constant and generous participation of our members – they’re often the heroes of these stories. But our heroes don’t take their journeys alone. 

Allegiances formed and challenges met. Characters, arcs and plot twists. We’ve used the tools of storytelling to get to the heart of how each tale fits into the greater movement – and because we think these tales of our community and our impact deserve all the love a favourite paperback gets.