Academia Goes Catalytic

Ben Eyre |
Academia Goes Catalytic

The Impact Hau research team at the University of Bologna and EVPA have launched a collaborative research effort to collect further case studies on catalytic capital

EVPA is launching a strategic collaboration with Impact Hau, a major European Research Council-funded research project at the University of Bologna, to explore how catalytic capital can be used to address social and environmental issues. 

The collaboration will expand our existing collection of cases, Catalytic Capital in Action. And since Impact Hau brings an academic perspective – they frame their mission as an “anthropological study” of impact investing – it represents an ongoing effort to build synergies with academic institutions and bring new voices into the impact conversation. 

This spring, Impact Hau and EVPA will conduct a series of interviews with a selected group of practitioners who deploy catalytic capital to achieve impact at scale. The aim is to collect real-life cases and best practices of how catalytic capital can fuel impactful solutions, to better understand the challenges  practitioners face and their main lessons learned.

The Impact Hau team will collect insights through a series of interviews to build the peer-reviewed evidence base, and EVPA will curate a series of case studies to share the most interesting insights.

By investigating themes such as impact measurement and management, risk frameworks, beneficiary impact, and the relationship between a grant and non-grant finance, we aim to provide tools for practitioners who want to invest catalytically.

To learn more about this project or submit a case for consideration, please contact Ben Eyre or Gianluca Gaggiotti.

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