Accelerating positive change

Ben DeVries |
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Ask a kid to draw a rocket and they’ll probably draw it taking off. Rockets that stay on the ground? Way less cool.  

What’s cool about rockets is acceleration. There’s no way to get our dreams into the air without it.

Oh, but acceleration takes work. A lot of work for a lot of people. You got your control room people, the team on the ground, the astronauts inside...  

Hundreds of brilliant people with hundreds of brilliant ideas.  

Impact Europe knows what it’s like to be a rocket.  

We’re about accelerating solutions. Our dream is a world fit for future generations.  

That means we’ve got a lot of social and environmental challenges to solve. We’d be pretty disappointed if our kids had to get on a rocket someday and live on some other planet.  

Can’t let that happen. So, we’re bringing together a lot of brilliant people and ideas instead.  A lot of impact capital, too.  

We’re Impact Europe. We accelerate positive change.