Co-designing the guide to net-zero

Cheyenne Kooijman |
Co-designing the guide to net-zero

815 impact leaders attending over 110 meetings with one common theme: the need for collaboration. After 2.5 years of online gatherings, EVPA’s Annual Conference has successfully brought the audience that pre-pandemic sense of togetherness and highlighted the fierce urgency of working together and doing more now. The well-being of future generations is in our hands, and impact leaders must do their work at scale to create the future that is longed for and needed.

Over the last decade there has been a significant shift in the impact ecosystem, where businesses increasingly prioritise their impact over a pure economic gain and there’s a widespread recognition of venture capital’s philanthropic role to successfully scale market-based solutions to combat some of society’s most complex challenges. Venture philanthropists tend to go where no one dares to go, and they are all trying to move the needle to ease inequalities, enable a net-zero economy, and crowd in more capital for true social transformation.


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