Estrategias de impacto: Cómo los inversionistas impulsan el impacto social

Estrategias de impacto
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Spanish translation of "Impact Strategies - How Investors Drive Social Impact" by Latimpacto.

This report explores how various types of capital providers combine their social impact objectives, financial returns expectations and risk appetite to sustain real social impact. This piece of research is an important step forward in the process of clearing the air around social impact and financial return expectations and risk appetite. It identifies two main approaches: “Investing for Impact” and “Investing with Impact” – both aiming to generate social impact with different mind-sets. Differentiating them allows to make both approach more transparent on intentions, better align shareholders, manage expectations towards investees, and create the right setting to collaborate with other types of capital providers. Both strategies are therefore very valuable, exist next to each other and support social innovations at different stages of their development.

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