EVPA on Ukraine

EVPA on Ukraine
Omar Marques, Getty Images

Last Thursday was a sombre moment for the world. As we learned about the unthinkable return of war to Europe, our first thoughts were with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine – Anna, Petro, Alyona, Yuriy, Ania…are they and their families safe?

For years EVPA has worked closely with our members and partners in Ukraine on projects promoting social entrepreneurship and social investments in the region. We got to experience the spirit, vigor and determination of our Ukrainian colleagues, working against all sorts of political, economic and social challenges for a better future of their communities. We strengthened our network in the region and earned new friends –in Ukraine and Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

EVPA investing for impact community stands in full solidarity with our friends and all people of Ukraine at this dark moment for their country. Peace, democracy and freedom are bedrocks for prosperity, equity and sustainability we strive for in our work. This war is a dangerous attack not just on a democratic country and its brave people, but against global values of freedom and cooperation – with consequences for the whole world.

Over the last days, we witnessed again the remarkable resilience of our Ukrainian partners. Faced with an imminent danger to their lives and livelihoods, they continue with their important work, they stay in constant communication with our team and the impact community, and they stay upbeat and defiant! Talking to us over Zoom this Monday, it felt like they had as many words of encouragement for us, as we all had for them. It’s a humbling and inspiring experience for all of us.

EVPA members in central and eastern Europe, and across the continent, are already mobilising resources to bring help to the ground and address immediate needs. We will continue to support their humanitarian efforts to ease the suffering of refugees, internally displaced people and the civilians caught within the conflict zones. We’ll soon share more information on how our whole network is engaging in these actions.

The only solution to this crisis stays in the immediate halt of military actions and return to peace in Europe. Our thoughts and hopes are with the people of Ukraine.

Roberta Bosurgi
and the EVPA team