First Sneak Peek into our Industry Survey 2020: You can still contribute to it!

Help us unleash the potential of Investors for Impact with data

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First Sneak Peek into our Industry Survey 2020: You can still contribute to it!
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What is the EVPA Survey?

Now in its 7th edition, the EVPA Survey is tailored to the various types of capital providers active within the impact ecosystem, such as foundations, engaged grant-makersimpact funds and financial institutions. Thanks to this new feature, we will be able to better capture and report the diversity of impact strategies implemented within the impact space.

Throughout the questionnaire we also included a self-assessment exercise on the 10 principles of the Charter of Investors for Impact, to map the strengths and pitfalls of the investors of our community.

In order to provide meaningful trends and analysis, we need all investors for impact to invest some time in the compilation of the questionnaire, and the time to do so is NOW!

How will data strengthen the movement?

We firmly believe this data analysis will help prove and claim the importance of investors for impact with a broad range of stakeholders, such as policymakers, institutional investors and the general public.

Industry survey

To give you a grasp of how this data could strengthen the investing for impact movement, in the figure you can see the top 5 SDGs targeted by the 50 organisations that reported to use them so far. Even though the analysis is preliminary, it already emerges a focus on SDGs that have been underserved by investors with impact, according to the 2020 Global Impact Platform Fund Report published by Phenix Capital. This finding could corroborate the complementary of the two impact strategies within the impact ecosystem, and foster the mobilisation of resources towards underserved areas and sectors. However, we would need more respondents to confirm this trend and you can help us by sharing your data!

What will be the final outputs of the data collection?

Towards the end of 2020, we will publish an online report that will cover a wide range of aggregated statistics, covering key aspects of the strategies and practices of investing forimpact. In addition to updating the trends on elements already covered in the past, such as financial instruments used, types of non-financial services offered, social purpose organisations supported, final beneficiaries targeted, and geographical focus, we will enrich our analysis with new information on SDGs targeted, hybrid financial mechanisms, and impact measurement and management (IMM) tools/frameworks.

Thanks to the new features of this edition, we will produce ad-hoc analysis and infographics for different types of capital providers, showing the diverse strategies and contribution to the sector of impact funds, compared to foundations and other engaged grant-makers.

Furthermore, we will develop a dynamic tool that practitioners will have the chance to interact with, filtering for key characteristics, and customising their data visualisation to better benchmark against their peers.

Is my organisation in scope of the study?

If your organisation:

  • provides direct financial support to social purpose organisations (e.g. NGOs, social enterprises, for profit businesses with intentional social impact), either in form of grants, debt, equity or other hybrid financial instruments;
  • couples the funding with non-financial support;
  • and focuses on impact measurement and management;

then you can contribute to this research and complete the EVPA investing for impact survey!

How can I take part in the study?

Please contact our Research Associate Gianluca Gaggiotti who will assist you.

Deadline to fill in the questionnaireDEADLINE EXTENDED > until 17th July

There will also be a prize draw!

Respondents will get the chance to win:

  • a free ticket to the 16th EVPA Annual Conference; or
  • a free ticket to participate in the third 2020 edition of the EVPA Social Impact Measurement and Management Training

Will my data be safely stored?

All your data will be treated as confidential and will be password protected. We will only publish aggregate data, and feature your organisation’s name only in the final list of contributors, if you agree.


Thank you for your support,

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