How to spark innovation through cross-sector collaboration for high-scale impact?

Open social innovation processes can help identify innovative solutions to both long term societal challenges - or a crisis situation like the COVID-19 pandemic. Open social innovations often rely on cross-sectoral collaborations and the effective use of technology.

This session explores the main success factors in collaborative open social innovations following a brief introduction of Germany’s successful #WeVsVirus hackathon launched in March 2020 under the auspices of the German government and supported by various government departments, corporate foundations and companies, civil society organisations, as well as more than 28.000 individual participants, making it the world’s largest hackathon to date.

Hear more from one of the initiators, Project Together, one of the funders, Corporate Social Investor & EVPA member Vodafone Institute and a renowned academic, Johanna Mair, Professor at Hertie School in Berlin and academic editor of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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