Impact People in the Wild

Ben DeVries |
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Impact People in the Wild. Conference season is here. And so is the urge to make more stakeholders impact stakeholders.  

The curious gather...

Oh, a resplendent display!  

An impact fund manager meets a funder of funds. A social entrepreneur catches the scent.

These are the seasoned leaders. People driven by purpose.  

They’re discussing catalytic capital, enabling policies, impact measurement and management.  

See how they move: an effortless mastery. Where did they learn this?  

It took many hours.  

Fledglings sometimes failed.  

It took veterans and outsiders alike.  

Most of all, they rely on each other. Investing for impact can be a difficult business, so they must collect and collaborate to ensure their efforts make the world a better place. The pool of wisdom is their greatest resource.

Impact Europe is where impact people thrive.