Impact Toolbox for Philanthropic Organisations

A joint paper with Philea to help philanthropic organisations use the entire toolbox for more impact

Philanthropic Organisations Using the Entire Toolbox for More Impact

Impact Europe and Philea have joined forces to launch a multi-year program to support philanthropic organisations to explore widening their impact investing toolbox. Marking the launch of this program is a new paper which sets out a framework on foundation practice as well as regulatory and policy environment. The paper, entitled “Philanthropic Organisations Using the Entire Toolbox for More Impact,” will launch at the upcoming Philea Forum, on 29 May in Ghent.  

Through events, gatherings, knowledge sharing, data gathering and policy support, the collaboration between Impact Europe and Philea will look to equip Europe’s philanthropic organisations with the confidence and context to be able to access larger impact toolboxes. Institutional philanthropy in Europe includes over 186,000 foundations with an accumulated annual expenditure of €54 billion, while the direct impact investing marketplace in Europe is estimated at €80 billion. Any effort that can help these two pools understand each other and work closer together can look to have a real impact. 

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