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Step inside a space filled to the ceiling with dreams – OGR Torino – and discover a program that unites social entrepreneurs with the data they need to drive more impact!  

That’s Impact Deal from Fondazione CRT, OGR Torino and key partner Microsoft. The project’s Data Club, a collaborative consortium of organisations with diverse datasets, chooses to support certain enterprises by granting access to their proprietary data and resources.

With the help of EVPA’s own Alessia Gianoncelli, we took an inside look at Impact Deal and the eight enterprises selected: Bin-e, Dedalo AI, Opt/Net, ReLearn, Untap, valuebin, volvero and Xnext.

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Life imitates art  

From life, to screen, to life again – we're coming back to OGR Torino for Impact Deal Demo Day! Part of our Impact Week program on Thursday 23 November, it’s your chance to get to know these impact entrepreneurs and find out just what better data can unlock. Join us!