The Investing for Impact dynamic dashboards

The Investing for Impact dynamic dashboards
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Navigate the main results of the 2020 investing for impact survey in a dynamic and customisable way, using filters and interactive elements.

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The investing for impact three core practices

Learn how investors for impact (i) measure and manage impact, (ii) tailor their financial supports to the needs of their investees, and (iii) couple it with a wide range of non-financial support services.

Impact measurement and management


Tailored financing


Non-financial support

Investment focus

Learn more about the key focus of investors for impact, such as main (i) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted, (ii) type of SPOs, (iii) sectors, (iv) beneficiaries targeted and (v) geographical area of investment.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted


Type of Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) supported




Beneficiaries Targeted


Geographical area of investment



How to navigate the dashboards?

Each dashboard contains a series of results and filters that can be selected to personalise the analysis according to each user’s needs and preferences.

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