Mozaïk RH becomes "entreprise à mission"

The recruitment and diversity consultancy Mozaïk RH, a subsidiary of EVPA member Mozaïk Foundation, is now a purpose-driven company ("entreprise à mission").

Mozaïk RH becomes "entreprise à mission"
FG Trade, E+, Getty Images

After 13 years of successful activities for youth inclusion, the recruitment and diversity consultancy firm Mozaïk RH, in which the Mozaïk foundation is a 100% shareholder, is becoming an “entreprise à mission” (French adaptation of the “Benefit Corporation” in the USA or the “Società Benefit” in Italy). Its purpose is to fight against inequalities and discrimination in hiring processes, to make inclusive recruitment the norm instead of the exception.

Mozaïk RH will provide a more comprehensive consultancy and training offer to support companies with their inclusion and diversity policies at all recruitment levels, including middle and top management. This will for instance include support on measuring diversity, setting objectives and providing tailored solutions according to the needs of companies.

To enable this transformation, the company has adapted its statutes to become an "entreprise à mission" and will thereby contribute to financing the Mozaïk Foundation's non-profit projects.

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