Organise a session at Impact Week!

Impact Week 2014

Impact Week 2024 will take place from 27 to 29 November in Bilbao. It's like Olympics, just with impact people!

And you can be part of it. The call for sessions is now open!


A Play in Three in Acts

We begin in dark times. We find the allies we need to make things better – and act together. In the end, we greet a bright new dawn.

This story is as old as time. It is many stories. It is our story. It can make you cry, gasp, cringe, laugh or storm out of the theatre to take action. The story aims for dramatic impact.

The three days of Impact Week mirror the three acts of a play, where three distinct turns transform darkness to light.

Madness – We live in a mad world.      
Boldness – We must be bold if we want to change it.      
Brightness – We keep working for a brighter tomorrow.

We set out to change what needs changing. Along the way, we too are changed!


You can shine brightest on the Impact Week stage!

During Impact Week, we offer Impact Europe members a chance to host an interactive session, possibly, and preferably, together with others.

This year we are looking for unexpected perspectives and innovative breakthroughs in impact finance that are just mad enough to work, bold enough to make a lasting change and bright enough to inspire others to join in.