Send forth your Impact Champions!

Nominations for 2023’s Impact Champions Award are open  

Send Forth Your Impact Champions!

Medieval times: uncomfortable in a lot of ways (mud, pestilence) but what they did have back then were champions! Trumpets ringing out in a muddy town square meant the best of the best were about to step forward all their glittering glory (and joust or something).  

As we open the nominations for 2023’s Impact Champions Award, it’s your chance to recognise an impact hero for our times. Impact Champions can be:

  • Pioneers, innovators, ecosystem builders and disruptors  
  • People whose identity (gender, race, age, ability...) informs their impact in unique ways
  • People who fail, and succeed, and fail, and succeed – and live to tell the tale  
  • Upstarts, outsiders, misfits who make it count
  • The brave!

While last year’s awardees were all seasoned veterans with longstanding contributions to the impact space, a champion can truly take any form. Tell us why your nominee is your impact hero – and send forth your champion!


 Nomination Form 

Nominations are open to individuals and organisations from all geographies. Nominees will be reviewed by EVPA’s leadership team and board; awardees will be recognised at Impact Week 2023 in Torino.