The story with Hydra

Ben DeVries |
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It’s a beast! It’s one of the all-time foulest, fiercest beasts there ever was. And why? Is it the twelve heads? No. It’s the fact that every time you chop off one of the heads, another two heads pop up.

Sound familiar? Of course: it’s like health. Energy. Food. Climate. Every time we think we’re solving one crisis, another two crises pop right up.  

Okay, so Hercules goes up against this thing, and he’s chopping, he’s slicing and dicing, and you would think, ‘He’s Hercules, he’s got this!’ – but you know what? He doesn’t. The beast is too beastly.  

He has to call his nephew to help out.  

They do this thing where they cauterize the heads, it’s kinda gory so I won’t get into it, but the point is: Teamwork.

It’s one of the few times Hercules calls for backup. He can’t afford to play the loner with the hydra. He has to team up to get the job done.  

Sound familiar?  

Right! That’s Impact Europe. We team up for impact. The world’s biggest, beastliest problems don’t stand a chance.