UniCredit supports women entrepreneurship and businesses in favour of women and the family

UniCredit is providing concrete support through the Social Impact Banking programme, Microcredit and Social Impact Financing initiatives.

UniCredit supports women entrepreneurship and profit and non-profit businesses in favour of women and the family
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The difficulties generated by the health emergency affected mostly the female business world, which is more sensitive to the economic cycle than the male one: 21% of female businesses believe they are more exposed to the negative trend of the economy compared to 18% of male businesses. After the stagnation at the beginning of 2020, the number of employees also registered a sharp drop, which mainly affected the female component. The main causes are a greater vulnerability of women in the labour market, more employment in the sectors most affected by the pandemic and, finally, a greater burden in family management.

Considering this context, UniCredit is providing concrete support for:

  • women entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or who want to develop it. The offer includes inclusive and discounted financing, such as microcredit up to €50,000, the support of a network of social partners and access to digital tools useful for business start-ups and financial planning. They are also provided with support from UniGens, the association of employees and former UniCredit employees, to give solidity to the growth of their business.
  • Profit and non-profit companies that provide welfare, health and educational services, able to generate a concrete and measurable social impact. This also includes projects and corporate initiatives that promote welfare services for their employees and their families. The offer includes social impact loans for over €50.000 at favourable conditions. Following the achievement of the social objectives the proposal also includes a donation up to €20.000, a training programme, the sharing of a network aimed at spreading experiences and external visibility.

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