Why and how to set up a corporate impact fund

Key takeaways from the EVPA member meet-up on 1 April 2021.

Why and how to set up a corporate impact fund
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More corporate foundations and companies are considering setting up a corporate impact fund. During this meet-up, we discussed the key opportunities and challenges of doing so, how to get internal buy-in from the company, and how to get organised internally to set up a fund. Below are the key takeaways from the meet-up.

Why set up a corporate impact fund?

Technical reasons:

  • Setting up a corporate impact fund can be a way to overcome the legal restrictions of a foundation.
  • Corporate impact funds provide an opportunity to deploy extra financial instruments (e.g. debt and equity) to better support social entrepreneurs.

Strategic reasons:

  • Corporate impact funds are usually part of a strategic corporate ambition to embed the societal purpose into the business.
  • They are a hybrid instrument, generating social impact alongside business benefits and thus building a bridge between impact and business.
  • Social enterprises are considered an important catalyst for sustainable and scalable societal solutions and can be scaled by impact funds.
  • Corporate impact funds are also an effective way to ring-fence capital and resources for a societal challenge, apart from short-term business logic.

How to convince your top management?

  • Align the purpose of the corporate impact fund with the overall direction of the company by defining a common vision.
  • Impact funds can be a learning lab for the business e.g. by incubating interesting innovations and business models before they would have a business case.
  • Outline a win-win approach in the collaboration between the impact fund and the company through a cross-fertilisation of their respective expertise.
  • Highlight the value of a corporate impact fund to the purpose-led transformation journey of the company.
  • An impact fund can be a golden nudge, catalyst or compass to turn business into a force for good.

Key takeaways

  • It is important to change mindsets in order to get the support to set up a corporate impact fund.
  • The increasing acknowledgement of the relevance of ESG is in favour of corporate social investing.
  • A corporate impact fund provides patient capital complementary to the business strategy.
  • Corporate impact funds are able to deploy various financial instruments needed to support promising social enterprises.

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Watch top tips to set up a social impact fund by Sophie Faujour, EVPA's corporate Initiative Lead: