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Impact Europe members seeking more learning opportunities for 2024 are in for a deal: Our new annual subscription model for members offers full access to three specialised courses.

> 06 Mar 2024: Tailoring Financial and Non-Financial Support

> 22 May 2024: Additionality & Investor Contribution in Practice 

> 16 Oct 2024: Impact Measurement and Management: Fundamentals 

> Extra course for corporate members:  04 Sep 2024: Strategic Alignment: Impact and Business Synergies

You can access the three courses for 500 EUR or you can sign up to only one course for 200 EUR.

For corporate social investors [e.g. corporate foundations, impact funds, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate citizenship teams]: you can purchase the additional course for 200 EUR. 

Let's learn impact!

Please fill in the form below, if you are an Impact Europe member and would like to subscribe and save! You are not an Impact Europe member yet but would like to join the fun, please apply here.

By filling this form you indicate your willingness in participating in the courses and you will receive an invoice for your participation along with your membership invoice. Please note that attendance for the course is open to any individual within your organisation; however, limited to one participant per course per year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Artemis Arampatzi, our Knowledge and Learning Analyst, at aarampatzi(at)

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