BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt's mission is to:

  • Support leaders who, in their professional and personal lives, take into consideration the greater common good and who are committed to developing a lively civil society in cooperation with others.
  • Deal with questions of globalisation and thus contribute to an international dialogue on sociopolitical issues.- Use scholarly expertise and promote interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches.
  • Provide guidance by making visible successful socio-political commitment and promoting the dissemination and development of innovative pilot projects.

The BMW Foundation believes that today's complex social challenges can be addressed through international, cross-sectoral dialogue and multiple collaborations.

We are convinced that if every individual takes responsibility for the common good and commits him/herself to utilise his/her competencies and expertise for social change, this will lead to an active, creative and socially coherent society driven by social innovation.We see ourselves as an effective and innovative platform that contributes to this vision and has an impact on social innovation and social cohesion.