BonVenture Management GmbH

BonVenture's goal is to tackle social, societal and ecological problems and to contribute to the reduction of these problems, to improve the efficiency and transparency in the social sector and to set an example for social investments by combining philanthropy and economic efficiency.

To achieve this, BonVenture funds companies and organisations with a social purpose in German-speaking countries. The foundation seeks projects that are innovative with a strong social impact, are led by motivated and committed social entrepreneurs, and will be financially self-sustaining in the long term. BonVenture provides its projects with long-term financial resources as well as a network and professional support. In addition, BonVenture develops and applies initiatives to improve the transparency and the visibility of the social impact of these projects.

While social venture capital is already established in the United States, the BonVenture Group is the first vehicle of its kind in the German-speaking countries. It provides private equity, loans or grants as well as active management support to social enterprises (who ca be both for-profit and non-profit). At the same time BonVenture is a non-profit activity for its investors and operates as a social business itself.