Charity Organisation VPLYV

Their mission is to develop and integrate initiatives, resources, and opportunities to provide significant social change for the benefit of people with disabilities and their close circle.

They do this by initiating the interaction of parties concerned to ensure a barrier-free environment and equality for people with disabilities.

Their main activities are the following:

  • Providing long-term (three years) grants to social initiatives that create services and goods for selected target groups.
  • Developing initiatives that create sustainable systems of assistance to people with disabilities and their close circle.
  • Providing non-financial assistance to initiatives through individual activity.
  • Supporting business initiatives of high social value and low business performance, helping such enterprises to find their winning formula.
  • Cooperating with initiatives that promote social entrepreneurship.
  • In a strategic partnership with regional authorities, we support the creation and development of new social services by organizations of various legal forms.
  • Organizing, coordinating and supporting thematic competitions to vary the leisure of people with mental disabilities
  • Helping to scale the experience of successful social initiatives.
  • Supporting the Braille book printing in Ukraine, developing an online library of Braille books.
  • Helping people in difficult situations with treatment and rehabilitation.