Creas is a pioneer organisation based in Spain that supports and invests in business projects that place priority on the creation of social and environmental value. The name Creas stands for "Capital Riesgo en el Ámbito Social" reflecting their commitment to foster the growth of Venture Capital in Social Projects.

Creas manages both financial investments and the knowledge and experience of their team of professionals. The organisation supports the management of their investees, providing experience and working side by side with them, being alert to their needs, building a relationship based on mutual trust and participating on those companies' boards, to provide value through their involvement in strategic decision-making. Creas uses social venture capital as an investment instrument that guarantees economic returns and a positive social impact.

Creas is actively seeking other European partners that could be interested in supporting social enterprises based in Spain and Europe, through current instruments, or through new vehicles, including hybrid models of capacity building, investment and co-investment.