CRT Foundation

CRT Foundation is concerned exclusively with social aims and promoting economic development, and it orients its work and dedicates its resources to all sectors of social utility: from the conservation and development of artistic heritage and cultural activities, to scientific research; from education and training, to health and assistance for the weaker categories of society; from civil protection and care for the environment, to support for economic development.

In slightly less than 20 years since its creation, Fondazione CRT has gone through at least three operational phases: it started as a Foundation that makes grants, it then developed into a Foundation that also plans its own projects and today it even makes "philanthropic investments". Inspired by the "venture philanthropy" this last approach represents a new, significant change in the way the Foundation allocates funds. This maybe oversimplified distinction into three types of actions does not intend to represent three different phases that have followed and replaced each other over time, but rather three different and integrated ways of reaching the end goal of social aim.

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