Factary is a research-based consultancy specialised in philanthropy and strategic funding development for impact-driven organisations.

Founded in 1990, it was a pioneer in its focus on strategic funders and first to introduce prospect research in Europe, developing proprietary tools and methodologies. Over time, it has grown into a recognised expert in major gift development and scale-up strategies.

Factary advises and supports leading organisations across the whole non-profit sphere, from international NGOs, foundations and charities to institutions in education, health, research, culture and environment.

Factary also works with social entrepreneurs on hybrid business models, and with philanthropic investors, helping them to find partners and co-funders to leverage their investment for more impact.

Their approach is partnering with clients to co-construct tailor-made, internally owned and results- oriented strategies, delivering hands-on guidance on implementation and capability building. Their vision is that the best is achieved when taking a business approach while pursuing the goals and values of the common good. Factary is committed to sharing knowledge for good and inspiring philanthropy.